Apple updates iMac: “More Power. Thinly disguised.” hmmm.

April 28, 2008

Apple, Inc updated their iMac line today. The processor speed, graphics, etc. Big whoop. iReally thoght there was going to be some sort of multi-touch didn’t you?


Also, My iMac broke yesterday. That’s right. In fact it broke DURING a Safari upgrade, convenient wouldn’t you say? The people at the Apple store seemed to think so as iHad to pay them for the power supply issue which might not even be the root of the problem, the power supply is $80.00 to replace and $80.00 to open up, throw in some taxes and I’m paying $170.00+ to maybe/perhaps/if-i’m-lucky they’ll fix it. The issue could also be the logic board, which would cost $500-700 to fix, so screw that. i’ll likely need a new mac.

But will iNeed a new iMac? It is just a little too expensive isn’t it. The fact that it doesn’t come with at least two gigs of RAM, multi-touch, and a glossy screen that may have 20 times less resolution than the 24″ imac, are major downers for me. “iWant too, iJust don’t think iCan.”

Should iBuy a new iMac? Maybe, but for reasons listed above – iDon’t think so.

Should iBuy the a newish mac pro? YES! iJust can’t afford it right now. (but someday!)

Should iBuy the mac mini? Likely – but that integrated graphic card and low max ram isn’t exactly a closing argument.

So what mac should iBuy and why? What do you have


An Apple A Day Will…

April 24, 2008

apple orchard

Will keep the technicians away. Get a mac and learn how to create better.

Apple + Best Buy = $

January 9, 2008

Leading U.S. electronics specialty retailer Best Buy said this week it plans to increase the number of stores carrying Apple Inc.’s Mac computer line twofold in the next several weeks, signaling robust demand for the Windows PC alternatives in the broader consumer market.

The comments came courtesy of Best Buy executives who held a session at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where researchers from investment bank UBS were in attendance.

Following the meeting, analyst Ben Reitzes relayed a note to clients explaining that the executives were “very upbeat” about their ongoing relationship with Apple, adding that 500 of the company’s 900 electronics stores could be selling Macs come the end of February. (via Appleinsider)