VIDEO: The World is Awesome

April 18, 2010

Please enjoy this video and look for Thunk Different to have a whole new look by May of 2010. Thanks to the 950,000 visitors I’ve had in the last few years, it’s been a great ride.


600,000 hits. Traffic projects to hit 1 million.

October 4, 2008

“600,000 hits. Traffic projects to hit 1 million.” 10/04/2008

Mario Kart Wii Dated For US

March 12, 2008

Nintendo have announced a release date for Mario Kart Wii for the US: April 27

mario wii

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Gmail Soap.

March 6, 2008

gmail_soap.jpg Those Russkies have a great sense of humor, making this bar of Gmail soap. Whether it’s for sale or not, it’s an accurate symbol of the free Google email service, scrubbing your electronic missives of spam, offering a clean interface and keeping a cumbersome locally-installed email client from stinking up the place.

Ever since I abandoned local email clients and went online with all my email accounts via Gmail, I think it’s a whole lot like soap: It’s portable, cleans up all that junk (spam is a thing of the past), and generally lifts me up with just the right amount of surface tension. C’mon, Procter & Gamble, whip up a soapy product like this and you’ll sell a billion. Or be like Google and give it away.

Diagrams for Wacky Wii remote Peripherals

January 30, 2008

Nintendo’s Wii remote patent application reveals attachments for … skateboards and teddy bears?

wii diagram

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Game: Help Steve Jobs prepare for his MacWorld keynote

January 15, 2008

”Getting psyched for next week’s Macworld Steve Jobs keynote? Some of us at Joystiq, despite their gaming deficiencies, do love Apple. We present to you a flash game created specifically for Jobs’ morning routine next Tuesday. Note: this game is Mac compatible.” David Pogue also brings us, Keynote Bingo, Thanks David!

steve game

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How To Win “Guess Who” In One Move

January 8, 2008

It’s something you don’t think of when you’re an innocent young kid.

guess who

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