Moving On…

April 20, 2010

iRecently read a post from a current co-worker who was changing roles after 7 years of faithful service. He is a great guy and iWish him luck. IVE only been here 3 years with THUNK Different and I’ll tip my hat to that co-worker by naming this post after his goodbye post.

Folks  it’s time to move on from onto something that offers more flexibility and is more compatible for a better blogosphere.

So this will be the last post on The site will be transforming in aesthetic & moving to

It’s been a great ride, reached nearly 1,000,000 hits and has been a big since a pride in terms of being a mac guy. I feel’s it’s appropos that nearly 3 years to the day – the biggest leak in Apple history took place with postings of the iPhone 4(HD) prototype on another gadget/gizmo blog. Gizmodo. I leave you with a delicious site & an exciting rumor about the ultimate Apple product.

You will still be able to locate it at or on our newly formed Twitter Account. Until then, feel free to read another new blog iCreated, coming soon…

iThank you.




VIDEO: The World is Awesome

April 18, 2010

Please enjoy this video and look for Thunk Different to have a whole new look by May of 2010. Thanks to the 950,000 visitors I’ve had in the last few years, it’s been a great ride.

Steve Jobs is taking a protein shake break

January 15, 2009

In case you are not on Twitter, or do not read RSS feeds, or news of any kind – than you may not be familiar with the situation of the founder of the big boss man over at Apple. He is illing and will be taking a break from Apple, Inc. for the next few months. Rumors are circulating, it could be him stepping down, or worse. We all saw this coming. He is one of the few people you can call a visionary and that did change the world. Steve Jobs Thunk Different.

Number 1 Google Ranking

December 6, 2008

Update: My Google Ranking was very short lived… iAm on the front page, still, but a stiff uppercut I did take!

iStarted on a whim, and now Thunk is to the better part of 1 million hits and the #1 site on the Google search engine with a top Google ranking. Thunk first came about as iThought, ” Apple Computer, Inc. is interesting, iLike to write so… hmmm what the heck?” iAm proud to say that Thunk is the #1 “Thunk” site in existence… at this point, iAll but own the word. What has changed since the inception? Not much really – iStill work 9 to 5, yet my grasp on social media has blossomed into an outstanding display of drive. Do iPost every day? No. Am i the most content rich Apple blog out there? Not even close. Yet… ThunkDifferent has persevered and through hard work, mistakes, corrections, and social media savvy has as of today become the #1 site on Google for any and all things, Thunk. Thank you to my readers, WordPress, Google, and RSS feeds… ThunkDifferent is the number one site for the word “Thunk” on the internet… or interwebs… or the inception of Social Media, web media, net media, and new media in the history of the human race. iWonder if it will ever pass the baton or continue to succeed as iContinue to work hard and bring the world my best effort while living my life and pursuing my dreams. Thank you & godspeed.

Thunk Different

Thunk Different

Half a million hits. Serious Web Traffic @ Thunk Different

July 25, 2008

500,000+ visitors and counting.

iThink that is the mark of a good blog. A blog iSimply started as a response to a situation… it has spawned so much more and all of it for no cost to me at all. Except my time, energy and combination of the two to make the RSS subscribers happy. And speaking of happy, iAm officially happy to have reached 500,000 visitors to the web pages of Thunk Different.

Thank you readers, WordPress, Apple, the Wall Street Journal, IBM, and everyone else who has published my work and made this possible. iAm humbled, iThunk none of this was possible and wouldn’t have been with out the web & the people the make it possible… you. 😉

Watch a drunken Jeff Goldblum pitch the iMac

April 2, 2008

Move over “Cheeseburger-eating Hasselhoff“, there’s a new drunk in town! What happens when you take the classic 1999 Jeff Goldblum iMac commercial and slow it down about 30 percent? You get a hilarious piece of footage capable of taking Goldblum’s kids away in any future custody battle!

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250,000 visitors!

March 26, 2008

Thank You! received it’s 250,000th visitor early this morning. This is great news! Thanks visiting and exploring all the fun stuff we talka bout and comment on. Thunk Different has had a audio podcasts, video podcasts, a forum, and in the future a book! Until then, we keep living the dream and make an exciting weblog of wonderful content. Thanks x 250,000 and please check back regularily to see and hear things thunk different.


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